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  • Hi, I'm Bridgette a women's portrait and food photographer based in Atlanta, GA. Let's partner up to take your personal or brand image to the next level!

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  • PORTRAITS | I would love to shoot the portraits of you that represent who you really are for your personal brand! There are so many amazing brands created and nurtured daily by amazing and dedicated entrepreneurs just like you. I would love to get the chance to work with you to create some natural lifestyle photos that you can truly be proud of!

    CONTENT CREATION | If you are a brand creator running an online business, you know better than anyone producing quality, yet consistent content can be hard! From creating the perfect caption, getting just the right hashtags to be seen, and then trying to figure out how to get the perfect image. That's where I come in, we schedule a session and knock out up to 3 months worth of content images in just one day! Plan. Shoot. Post.

    FOOD | The goal of a quality food photo is to make the viewer want some of what they see! If they see it and feel the saliva building up, then it's probably a really great photo! My goal is to make simple and clean but drool-worthy photos for your brand! I like to shoot food how it really is! No real trickery to what I do, I prefer an authentic image with the actual ingredients of the actual dish.

Hours + Pricing
  • Hours + Pricing

  • Monday – Friday 10am – 4pm

    Portrait Sessions | Start at $455

    Food Sessions | Start at $485

    Content Creation Sessions | Start at $575

    If something here sounds like what you are looking for, I'm only a contact page click and a message away from getting started! 😉